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A Letter to my Sisters

If you are a pregnant woman reading my blog, I hope you will allow me this diversion for one post.  I just returned from the American College of Nurse Midwives annual convention in Nashville, TN, the first time I’d been to one of our conventions in about 10 years.  I feel invigorated and proud to be included in this legion.  I loved sharing with you and learning from all of you.  

I especially want to thank all of you who came to view my poster, “Pregnancy after Infertility”.  It means so much to me to share something with all of you that I feel so passionate about.  I hope some of you I connected with are now visiting my blog, and I have a few more thoughts I’d like to share.  First, at one of the publishers’ booths, I had the opportunity to flip through Varney’s 4th edition.  I noticed that infertility is mentioned briefly under advanced maternal age, PCOS, and a few other entities, but there is no discreet section dedicated to infertility.  Infertility affects 10% of all women, and 1% of the babies we assist in birthing are a result of ART.  I know there may be contributors to Varney reading, and I hope you will take this statement how it is intended, which is not in the spirit of criticism or disrespect, but as a vision for moving forward.  

I’d like to acknowledge another poster presentation I viewed:  “Conception and Pregnancy experiences of Male and Gender Variant Gestational Parents” by Simon Ellis, Danuta Wojnar, and Maria Pettinato.  What does this presentation have to do with infertility?  Perhaps nothing, except for this challenge I put forth to all of us:  Let us as midwives be on the forefront of talking about all issues which affect all our clients, not just the topics that are the most popular or the most visible.  

Now, as I adjust to the sound of my son playing Mancala instead of music from a country music band, I have a one more reflection from my time in Nashville.




5.  Sitting in a lecture between an 80 year old retiree, and a nursing 2 month old.


4.  While professionals from other trade shows may come home with pens and hats, my SWAG consist of a toy sperm and personal lubricant. 


3.  That no matter how I dress, groom, or wear make up, there will be someone else who looks just the same, and those who don’t accept me exactly the way I am. 


2.  Our mid-husbands:  all the strong and compassionate men who are our husbands, lovers, friends, fellow midwives, and kindred spirits, like Dr. David Grimes.  If you missed his lecture, please try to find the recording from ACNM.


1.  Being keeper of the knowledge that, while pizza and fed-ex packages may be delivered, babies are birthed, and the power that knowledge contains. 


Until Denver, ladies….Can I get a Yee Hah!!!


What would Nashville be without boot shopping!

A few stomping grounds.

My poster session – the most difficult part was lining up the papers!

Me, on day 2.


And the other #1 reason I love being a midwife – I mean come on, are we fabulous or what!!!

Originally published June, 2013

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